Sophomore, UC Denver



Anwesa is a singer composer, songwriter, poet and writer. She is at present a sophomore at University of Colorado, Denver. She chooses various topics on Life & different themes that touch her heart to write & compose Originals.
The depth of her lyrics goes beyond her years.

Anwesa is extremely empathetic and compassionate. She has been a crusader for the less fortunate from a very young age. She often volunteers at orphanages bringing the kids joy of food, clothes, gifts and essentials.

Other than music Anwesa likes to roller skate in her free time. She also likes to travel to different countries.

Anwesa has a big heart and is a friend to everyone she meets. She is passionate about making a difference. Connecting with Anwesa on social media makes it possible for you and so many of her other followers to continue to make a difference for world peace.

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